Looking for a few Instagram statistics to fuel budgetary increases for your business? Or perhaps you’re a data hound and love numbers? Well you’re reading the right post. Let’s dive right in;

How many people use Instagram?

Globally, Instagram has hit the magic 1 billion user mark and shows no sign on slowing down. Instagrams user base has grown consistently for many years now making it the most used social channel in the world.

Who exactly uses the platform?

Social media demographics show that the platform is predominantly used by women under the age of 34. Of course there are plenty of men and other people using the platform, but the platform is largely dominated by the millennials and other terms for the younger generation.

How long do people spend on Instagram?

Much like Facebook (which is more), Instagram sees a voracious appetites for its platform with over 60% of Americans checking in daily, with recent research showing an average weekly use of around 7 hours.

What’s the best type of content to post on Instagram?

This is imperative to businesses looking to make informed choices on their type of content. Carousel posts are king with a 1.95% engagement rate with other types following respectively;

  • Images (1.74%)
  • Video posts (1.45%)

The surprise here is the fall in engagement for video, which used to yield the best engagement rate 2 short years ago. Obviously this has been affected with the boom in reels, which is one of Instagrams key features, which does indeed takeaway from this figure.

When are the best times to post?

The best times to post on Instagram appear to be around 11am. Essentially, when your audience is most engaged, which is has always proved to be just pre-lunch time.


  • Stories, Carousels and short-form video should remain central to your content distribution.
  • With fierce competition and so much content floating around, even the smallest aspects of optimization (think: timing, captions, bio) count.
  • As engagement rates dip, brands should consider supplementing their content with ads.

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