Looking to grow your Instagram followers?

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is an uber competitive place for accounts just starting out, but if you want to grow your account and boost your following there are some great new ways to increase your Instagram following without breaking too much of a sweat. Check out the below tips to implement into your Instagram strategy;

Write more text in your captions

It used to be that Instagram was about how you looked (not just your selfies, but your photos too), but now it’s evolved into what you say too! There’s no better way to grow your Instagram following than to provide more text as it not only gives context to your photos, but also allows people to learn more about you and your brand. Try to use as much of the current 2,200 Instagram character limit as you can.

Do you know about Lightroom?

Somewhat contrary to the above, Lightroom (by Adobe) is the thing to use when enhancing your Insta profile. Its features are basically unparalleled when it comes to making an average photo look like a high end product, this is the answer. Best thing about it is it’s FREE, which is very rare from a company like Adobe. You can also purchase Lightroom presets from professional photographers too to give your filters that extra something special.

If you want to grow your Instagram followers in 2021, check out these great tips to implement into your social media strategy.

More video. No, More!

Video has a way of performing better on social media and Instagram is no exception. The future of Instagram is video and many brands are now creating longer video content for IGTV as well as their feeds to grow.

Create and share memes that appeal to your existing and future audience

People love memes, in fact there are Instagram profiles with follower numbers upwards of 500 thousand that are dedicated to just sharing memes, who would’ve thought! The popular betting site Paddy Power’s social channels basically run on sport based memes and their followers engage with them in huge numbers. Creating and sharing memes is easy, start by uploading a photo here.

Consistency is key

As with anything, the more you do it the easier it gets and Instagram is no different. Accounts that post regularly often see the largest gains in followers and engagement. When you lose that consistency you’ll notice that not only do you not pick up any new followers, but your existing audience starts to fall away too. Instagram isn’t for the fair whether poster, that’s for sure.

Hashtags are still important

The right hashtag(s) can expose your image to a large and targeted audience. Simply, meeting the hashtag limit (30) on your psts could be your best bet for growing your audience on Instagram.

Growing your Instagram account is often deemed one of the biggest jobs for any brand these days, but if you follow the right techniques and stay consistent, you could definitely get more Instagram followers in 2020!